Thank you!

Our Indiegogo crowdfunder closed yesterday morning, having raised the fantastic total of over £14,500 to go towards our equipment costs! Within half an hour of it closing, we received four emails from people who had missed the deadline but wanted to donate – therefore, we have added a PayPal donate button to our homepage. If you missed donating but would really like to and prefer not to use PayPal, please get in touch by and we will send you our bank details.

This was a huge team effort, and Gillian and I not only thank every one of the 227 people who contributed financially, but the huge numbers of people who helped to make it happen.

The film was shot over a weekend at the home of Silke and Frank Durm, who both gave their time and a huge amount of effort to hire the equipment the weekend before, and provide such a warm welcome and hospitality to the milk bank team who moved in for 48 hours! This simply could not have happened without them.

The film itself was directed by the wonderful Meg Thompson, a renowned film producer who guided the rather nervous novice group of milk bankers and parents, and showed no fear of working with the large number of children who took part! And the beautiful quality of the film is completely due to a pair of very talented videographers, Kotryna Sniukaite and Jason Chua, who gave up not only their weekend, but many many hours thereafter to cut the six hours of interviews down to the final four minutes.

And then the music. The beautiful track Angel was sung by Claire Tchaikowski and arranged by the awe-inspiring Neil Davidge (Massive Attack was the soundtrack to my medical school days…!). It isn’t every day that two such talented people pop out of the woodwork and offer to help for free, but given the number of times it has happened over the last nine months, we now just accept the universe is trying its best to help.

Finally, we were supported day by day throughout the campaign by Naomi and Silke who divided up sending thank yous to everyone who donated, and by the army of Tweeters and Facebookers who shared our posts, especially Simon at Facebook who went above and beyond to ensure that we reached as far and wide as possible! Facebook loves breastfeeding – who knew?!

The campaign had its ups and downs, and looking back over the last two months we have learned so much from our early mistakes. Throughout, we weathered family crises, looking after poorly kids and keeping life going while knowing another Tweet could help bring more vital funds in, if I could just get the message across in 140 characters. I’ve gained a heap more grey hairs but an unshakable conviction that this milk bank will work, and a bright 2017 is ahead!

So on behalf of this wonderful team, thank you to everyone who helped, baked cookies, ate cookies, and put in your hard earned money!