If you would like to order milk for use in your neonatal unit or hospital, please contact us by calling 01707 358 776, or by email (

If you need donor milk in an emergency, please call 07732 019 040.

If you are a doctor working in the community, and would like to enquire about using donor milk for either a sick baby or a mother who cannot breastfeed for medical reasons, please email us on

To read about the experience of working with the HMB from neonatal unit’s perspective, read our guest blog by Lauren Wong, Senior Sister and Infant Feeding lead nurse at the Luton and Dunstable NICU.


Safety, tracking and tracing, accreditation and professionalism

The safety of donor milk is a critical concern to every milk bank, and we have adopted the highest standards at the Hearts Milk Bank from the outset. Where innovation is needed to ensure safety throughout the process, we are working together with partner organisations to create a true centre of excellence.

  • Please read more about the safety processes that underpin our work here. We are currently piloting a novel milk tracking system called Li-Lac, designed by industry leaders Savant. Savant design a range of systems for healthcare settings, including the NHS Blood and Transplant Service.
  • For information on the NICE Guideline for the operation of a human milk bank (Guideline #93), please click here
  • For information about our work to drive forward milk bank accreditation processes and professional development in milk banking, click here.
  • To read about the team of Expert Advisors who support the Hearts Milk Bank team, read here.

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